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Can you recover my lost data ?

Yes. We recover thousands of files every day, 365 days a year. Weekends and holidays included.

How long does it take ?

Our free diagnosis typically takes 3 to 6 working days. If you are willing to pay for the diagnosis, you can use our priority service and the diagnosis will typically take less than a day.

Can you fix my hard drive ?

No. We do not repair hard drives. We "only" recover the data that was on them, but we can help you secure your data before you return your defective drive or computer for service...

Can I use my hard drive again after a successful recovery ?

Hardly. We will almost always recommend that you scuttle the drive. We will not recommend that you use a defective drive to store your data. Formatting the drive will not help.
In case of software failure or virus, you will be able to use the drive again if you reformat the drive.

Do you reinstall my operating system ?

No. We recommend that you contact your supplier, if you can't do it yourself.
Your data will be returned to you on DVD or an external USB drive that you can copy the data from.
In most cases you can borrow the drive from us.

Do I send the computer ?

Please don't. We only need the actual hard drive. If you have problams taking the hard drive out of your system please contact your supplier.

How will my data be returned to me ?

Depending on how many Mb of data that was recovered, it will be returned on DVD's or an external USB-drive.
Typically your data will be on DVD's if it is less than 8 Gb.